Introducing Megan McDevitt, our new Associate Director

Megan McDevitt has been an integral member of our teaching team since September 2017. So integral, in fact, that we created a new position of Associate Director just for her! We interviewed Megan so that you can see for yourselves just how awesome and inspiring she truly is.

BSW - Please state your full name for the record:

MM - Megan Margaret McDevitt

BSW - Where'd you go to school and when'd you graduate?

MM - U.C. Santa Cruz, Bachelor of Music, 2007; San Francisco Conservatory, Master of Music, 2010; University of Michigan, Doctorate of Musical Arts, 2017                                                         

BSW - What brought you to Buffalo? How did you connect with BSW?

MM - I ended up in Buffalo because my husband is getting a doctoral degree in music composition at UB. When I got here six months ago, I had just begun to understand what a rich and diverse community of people live here. I found Buffalo String Works while searching for potential music teaching opportunities, and knew as soon as I spoke to Yuki that I wanted to be involved.

BSW - What is it about BSW that makes you so willing to take on this new Associate Director position? What do you hope to bring to BSW?

MM - Although BSW has a strong foundation of music with incredible musicians/teachers at the helm, it is not just about music. It is about community and finding your place in a new environment. The focus on refugee families allows us to help new residents feel welcome, which makes introducing children to music-making even more rewarding. I’m grateful that BSW has also made me feel welcome in Buffalo! 

I have previously been involved in El Sistema-influenced programs as a bass teacher and administrator, in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Michigan, and have seen first-hand what a benefit programs like this can be to the students. I hope to bring ideas that I’ve gathered from my previous experiences and my willingness to learn about the West Side community of Buffalo to help grow this already fantastic organization!

BSW - Who is your desert island musician?

MM - If it’s classical, probably Stravinsky. He’s got such a deep catalog and his style changed so much that it would take awhile to be bored! Otherwise, I want to say Fiona Apple, but she has the opposite problem, so I’m going to go with the Beatles.

BSW - Welcome to the team, Megan!

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